Bosch IoT Rollouts

Software Updates for the Connected World

Feature Overview

Rollout Management

Rollout Management on a global scale

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  • Rollouts is fully compatible to Eclipse hawkBit™'s APIs.
  • Benefits for Bosch IoT Rollouts customers:
    • hawkBit Jackson models available for DDI, DMF, MGMT APIs.
    • hawkBit example apps available.
    • hawkBit server can be used as local developer environment for Rollouts.
    • hawkBit compatible clients can be used with Rollouts, e.g. SWUpdate or RAUC.

Part of Bosch IoT Suite

Device Integration Options

Target View

Rollout View

Filter Management View

Distribution View

Upload View

Statistics View

System Configuration View

Flexible Data Model: Smart Home Use Case

Flexible Data Model: Vehicle Use Case with “App” support

Flexible Data Model: Connected Sensor Use Case

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