Bosch IoT Rollouts

Software Updates for a Connected World

Why Software Updates in IoT?

  • Changing customer requirements & continuous improvement.
  • Essential security patches in the field.
  • Enabling new business models “Update-as-a-service”.

Feature Overview

Campaign Management

Artifact Content Delivery

Device Integration Options

Powered by Open Source

  • Fully API compatible to Eclipse hawkBit™
  • Benefits for Bosch IoT Rollouts customers:
    • hawkBit Jackson models available for DDI, DMF, MGMT APIs.
    • hawkBit example apps available.
    • hawkBit server can be used as local developer environment for Rollouts.
    • hawkBit compatible clients can be used with Rollouts, e.g. SWUpdate or RAUC.

Part of Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch IoT Suite
for Asset Communication

Bosch IoT Suite
for Software Updates

Bosch IoT Analytics
Monitor your devices with smart algorithms

Bosch IoT Hub
Easy and secure device connectivity for the IoT

Bosch IoT Insights
The easy way to manage your IoT device data

Bosch IoT Permissions
Authorization management for IoT applications

Bosch IoT Remote Manager
Device management and monitoring for IoT

Bosch IoT Rollouts
Managing software updates in IoT

Bosch IoT Things
Managed inventory of digital twins for IoT device assets

Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates


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