Deployment View


Target status overview, target management and manual deployment.

Features explained

Feature overview

  • Target Status: check status of all targets.
  • Target list allows filters based on:
    • Assigned/installed Distribution Set (drag and drop a set on the filter icon on the top of the list).
    • Target update status: click 1-X status to reduce the list of targets that have one of them.
    • Target tag: click 1-X tags to reduce the list to targets that have one of them.
    • Name, description: use search button on the top of the list.
  • Distribution Set list allows filters based on:
    • Distribution Set tag: click 1-X tags to reduce the list of sets that have one of them.
    • Name, description: use search button on the top of the list.
  • Start rollout by drag and drop targets on a DS.
  • Target list supports CTRL-A (or ⌘+A on Mac) for “select all”.
  • Delete sets, tags or targets by dragging them on delete icon.
  • Manage target metadata
  • Select Target to see Action History.
  • Bulk target upload: create bulk targets by upload.

Target bulk upload

  • Expected file type : csv.
  • Expected file format : Each line with two values (ControllerID,Target Name). ControllerID is mandatory.
  • Example:

Deployment: Soft or forced update

  • Select soft update to hint to the device that the update can be executed any time, e.g. with user approval or in future regular update time plan.
  • Select forced update to hint to the device that the update has to be executed immediately.
  • Select time forced update to configure a point in time where Rollouts switches from soft to forced.
Soft or forced update

Deployment: Maintenance window

  • Configure optional maintenance window, i.e. device gets informed immediately to start download but execute deployment during configured window(s) only:
    • Schedule of window start trigger is configured in cron quartz notation, e.g. “0 0 1 * * ?” for window start 1AM every day.
    • Duration of the window in “HH:MM:SS” notation, e.g. “02:00:00” for two hours.
    • Timezone of the window from GMT, e.g. “+02:00” for Central European Summer Time (CEST).
Maintenance window

Tips and hints

  • Widgets can be maximized (button in upper right corner) in order to get more detailed information of an action execution.
  • Right click on an action allows to cancel it.
  • When an action is already canceled, right click on it allows to force quit it. The force quit function should be used very carefully. Because this function will only remove the action on the Rollouts server and will not sent any information to the target. When the target continues sending new messages to Rollouts this will cause an error. However this function could be very helpful, when the action is blocked by an corrupted target.


You need the following permissions to see the Deployment view in…

  • read-only access mode: READ_TARGET, READ_REPOSITORY

The cloud user has full access by default for all available service plans.

See the security chapter for further information about available roles and their included permissions.

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