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Hosted service based on Eclipse hawkBit™

  • Fully API compatible to Eclipse hawkBit.
  • Benefits for Bosch IoT Rollouts customers:
    • hawkBit Jackson models available for DDI, DMF and Management APIs.
    • hawkBit example apps available.
    • hawkBit server can be used as local developer environment for Rollouts.
    • hawkBit compatible clients can be used with Rollouts, e.g.
      • SWupdate which is a Linux Update agent with focus on a efficient and safe way to update embedded systems.
      • rauc-hawkbit which is a python-based hawkBit client application and library for the RAUC update framework.

Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Rollouts service is part of the Bosch IoT Suite including an optional integration with Bosch IoT Permissions for user authentication and authorization.

Bosch IoT Analytics

Bosch IoT Remote Manager Bosch IoT Hub

Bosch IoT Rollouts Bosch IoT Insights

Bosch IoT Things Bosch IoT Permissions

The Bosch IoT Suite provides all key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated IoT applications from top to bottom.