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Bosch IoT Rollouts - Technology for a connected world

Creating a Bosch IoT Rollouts service instance is very easy. You just have to consider a few steps. You will find all instructions to create you own Bosch IoT Rollouts service instance in the following guides.

However, before getting started you have a choice to make. Bosch IoT Rollouts supports integration with the Bosch IoT Permissions service that allows you to grant different permissions to different users (“multi user”). This option is especially useful if you plan to use the service with multiple users that have different roles in the system. Be aware that the Permissions service needs to be purchased separately before using Rollouts.

Alternatively you can use Rollouts technical cloud user that is granted with all permissions of the tenant (“single user”) and automatically provided to you via cloud foundry:

If you wish to use the Bosch IoT Rollouts service with full multi user capability managed by Bosch IoT Permissions, have a look to following guide: